In August 2015 Nick Santino formed a band named Beach Weather and three others after being encouraged by Maine to open for their Free For All 2015 Tour. Within a couple of weeks, Beach Weather successfully formed, composed and recorded their first EP.

Upcoming band Beach Weather released their EP ‘What A Drag’. It consists of 4 members, Lead Singer and Guitarist Nick Santino, Drummer Austin Scates, Guitarist Ian Holubiak and Reeve Powers.


2.New skin

3.Bad Seed


5.Rebel Sun

Beach Weather’s sophomore EP titled “CHIT CHAT” is nothing less of great. It is a collection of six creatively composed songs, each song unique in its own way.

1.Chit Chat

2.Home Movies

3.Someone’s Disaster




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Review: Country Music Band Rascal Flatts

Gary and Jay

Unique harmony:

I believed Rascal Flatts was an extraordinary group who would go far in country music from the beginning of their appearance on CMT. The video for their first single, “Praying for Daylight,” on CMT made me melt even before their hit song, “Melt,” came out. Rascal Flatts captured my attention with their unique harmony.
While they were still an opening act touring with established country artists, Rascal Flatts was at the studio of KSCS in Dallas one night. I was thrilled to hear them live on my local station talking with the evening DJ. I wondered if they would allow listeners to call in and speak live to Rascal Flatts on the KSCS studio line. I took a chance and called in and I’ll never forget it. I was able to talk to Gary LeVox, Joe Don Rooney and Jay DeMarcus, while they were still plugging their first album. I may never meet them in person but I have the memory of being able to tell them how awesome they were and how much I liked their unique harmony and music style.

Gary and Jay

The rise to stardom:

After that phone call, I became a devoted fan of their music and have enjoyed all their many country music hits since. I’ve watched them rise to fame as they put out chart-topping music and successful albums. Yet, their rise to stardom started before the video I saw on CMT.

They began in Nashville playing country music in a club in Nashville’s Printers Alley for a small crowd. This was long before their current tour of performing for masses of excited fans by the thousands. Yet, their potential began even earlier than that.

Gary and Jay:

Several years before that, Gary and Jay (who are second cousins) developed a love for music while getting together with family. Jay not only sings but plays a variety of instruments including guitar, bass, keyboards, and mandolin. In 1992, Jay went to Nashville where he was part of a record deal with the band East to West. In 1997, his cousin Gary left his job in Ohio when Jay reminded him of his music dreams.

Gary and Jay performed in Printer’s Alley with a part-time guitarist when Jay met Joe Don. They met while working together in Chely Wright’s band at the same time Gary and Jay were performing in Printer’s Alley. The part-time guitarist who worked with Gary and Jay couldn’t make it one night and Joe Don was asked to take his place one night. As they harmonized that night, the magic of Rascal Flatts began.

Music Band Member Conduct


Being in a band with three or four other people can be a very difficult, especially when you are in a band with people who tend to have a strong personality. Your band dynamic can make or break the cohesiveness of the band. Have one person who is hard to deal with will rub the others the wrong way. This is the nice of way saying they are a jerk. These are the type of guys who show up late to practice regularly, shout obscenities at the crowd, and generally act like they are the official spokesmen for the band. This is why it is important for a band in its early stages to lay out some ground rules.
These rules should be fully understood by all members. A written version of the band’s rules of conduct created at the onset of the groups formation can guide everyone to a harmonious future.


Ground rules:

One of the first ground rules that a band should make is to be at practices and shows on time. There is nothing more aggravating in the world than waiting for some liquored up slacker to show up for practice. Your band as a whole has a lot of work to do and every minute of band practice counts. You don’t have time to waste on someone who can’t get their act together long enough to show up for practice. Every member of the band needs to make a commitment to being on time and making band practice a priority.

A repeat offender of this ground rule should be subject to a few punishments. You could always put together a three strike system. If anyone misses a band practice or is late without calling gets a strike. After three occurrences, you’re out. It’s simple and effective. Fines can be issued if the offender has the means. If not, then perhaps they must perform chores, tear down, or driving duties. Be creative with appropriate forms of punishments.

Another ground rule is how you conduct yourself in public. Most people have been bombarded by the notion that all rock stars are destructive and that you aren’t officially a rock star until you trash a venue or a hotel room. Not smart. The whole point of playing somewhere is rocking the crowd to make money so you can play there again. Not so you can make a huge butt of yourself and end up never being let back in the door of the club.


Band member conduct is essential to the success of your band. Create rules that follow the goals and vision for the band as a whole. If everyone acts responsibly and is motivated you will be surprised at the level of success you will achieve.

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